Waterproof box
Plastic hasp
Plastic hasp

The product is made from a high-quality thermoplastic Plastic Polycarbonate and ABS. lts body color take the standard gray RAL 7035,its cover is gray and
transparent,and its weight is 1/3 of the iron box which is easy to transport and process, With A beautiful apprearance, with a firm, performance.
The performance of the product: waterproff, fireproof, explosion-proof,acid-prood and alkali-proof,in sulated, anti-collision etc.
The product is applied to button boxes, mini-terminals, terminal exchangers, signal devices, relays, communic-ation connection boxes, public
control boxes, fire control devices, coastal areas, factories, docks, water processing equipments, environment protection equipments, waterproof and damprood
places etc.

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